The expansion of the collection is primarily based on acquisitions of contemporary art associated with the awarded art prizes. Furthermore, the jury will give recommendations for annual purchases of contemporary Tyrolean art to the Board of Directors. These additional art works - selected in due consideration of the collections at the Tiroler Landesmuseen - shall complement the existing collection.

Heinz Gappmayr, Jahreszeiten, 2014; a-z, (undated / Wandarbeit); sind, 1964; quadrat (undated); 1 (undated)

Lois Weinberger, Laubreise, 2008/2014
Martha Jungwirth, Untitled, 1993
Martina Steckholzer, Memory, 2006

Helga Philipp, Kinetisches Objekt 012a
Helga Philipp, Untitled, ca. 1991
Helga Philipp, Untitled, ca. 1991
Christian Moschen, Das neue Gewand, 2015 (in front of Stiftskirche Wilten)
Ute Müller, Untitled, 2014
Ute Müller, Untitled, 2015
Theresa Eipeldauer, DTD, 2015
Theresa Eipeldauer, 4 works from series: Untitled, 2015

Florentina Pakosta, Vier gegen drei, 2013
Florentina Pakosta, Ohne Titel, 1992
Charly Pfeifle, 10 drawings from series: Hoboch, 1975
Norbert Pümpel, Unbestimmtes Land, 2012
Norbert Pümpel, 3 works from series: Fleeting Memorial, 2014
Werner Feiersinger, Untitled (Fregene), 2015
Martha Jungwirth, 4 works from series: Judith and Holofernes, 2015/16
Walter Pichler, 13 drawings from series: Für meine Mutter, 1979-2010

Nora Schöpfer, floating river, 2014
Nora Schöpfer, Precious gaps, 2013
Nora Schöpfer, precious gap, 2013
Nora Schöpfer, knowledge transfer, 2015
Esther Stocker, Wiener Musterzimmer, 2009
Esther Stocker, ohne Titel, 2017
Esther Stocker, ohne Titel, 2016
Rosemarie Lukasser, Annäherung an ... bin im Netz i1.1/F1, 2014
Rosmarie Lukasser, Knotenpunkte_Hub 00, 2017
Rosmarie Lukasser, Navstar-GPS 00 (Stickbild), 2017

Gottfried Bechtold, Straßenmappe, 1971
Gottfried Bechtold, Filmprojekt Brigitte Bardot, 1973
Gottfried Bechtold, Metamorphose einer Galerie, 1974