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Hans Klocker
born 1909 in Kreith in Stubaital, with humble origins; his father was a railway employee. Studied law in Innsbruck, started work at court in 1938 and was badly wounded in 1942 as a first lieutenant in the Luftwaffe. Went into business in 1945, founding Autohaus VOWA in 1951, which quickly grew with Volkswagen's brands. His commitment to the next generation in his business and to his apprentices was legendary. He was a keen climber and amateur geologist and died in 1981 in Innsbruck.

Wolfgang Klocker
born 1945 in Solbad Hall, studied philosophy and law in Innsbruck. Doctorate in 1970. Numerous internships abroad and overseas trips during school and university. He became interested in art from 1960, an interest awoken by his teacher Peter Prantstätter, becoming friends with Paul Flora, Max Weiler and many other young artists, and made his first acquisitions. From 1971 he became CEO of the new Audi NSU dealership, and used the premises for exhibitions of Tyrolean artists. He was a keen driver and was killed in a plane crash in 1974.
  • Hans Klocker, VOWA Großhändler in Tirol
  • Wolfgang Klocker, Afrikareise mit VW Dr. Klocker Bus, 1968_2, (c) Klocker Stiftung, Nachlass