The foundation was named by Emmy Klocker after her husband Komm.Rat Dr. Hans Klocker and after her son Dr. Wolfgang Klocker. She bequeathed her entire fortune and an extensive collection of art to the foundation. Emmy Klocker's goal, to create a museum of contemporary art in Innsbruck as a memorial to her son, who died at a very young age, could not be achieved with the foundation's own funds alone. An agreement with the federal state of Tyrol and the Tyrolean State Museums was reached, ensuring them the foundation's support in refurbishment and redesign of the Ferdinandeum, and ensuring the foundation's collection would go on display, in around 2018.
  • Villa Klocker
  • Dr. Hans und Emmy Klocker bei der Promotion von Wolfgang Klocker, 1970, (c) Klocker Stiftung, Nachlass
  • Wolfgang Klocker, Afrikareise mit VW Dr. Klocker Bus, 1968_2, (c) Klocker Stiftung, Nachlass