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Michael Rottmann
1. scholarship
Essay "Aporetic Zones. How Writing, Number and Image Relate to Language in Heinz Gappmayr's Oevre" in: Ankäufe der Klocker Stiftung, 2nd book in the publication series of the publishing house Hatje Cantz and Klocker Stiftung, 2015

Michael Rottmann, an art historian who lives in Vienna and currently teaches in Graz, is the first grantee of the Klocker Foundation scholarship. In addition to art history, he also studied mathematics and philosophy, so he is best suited to reflect on how writing, number and image relate to language in Heinz Gappmayr’s oeuvre in his essay for this book, the second volume of the Klocker Foundation’s series of publications. Using a designation once chosen by the artist himself, he traces this relationship in seemingly dead-end “aporetic” zones, wherein art is maybe the only way to decode the complex cultural conventions that turn mere lines into signs which we perceive, form notions from and identify meaning in.