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The Klocker Foundation Main Prize, from 2014 on, is given every second year to an artist whose work is exemplary of the development of Austrian art and has international importance. The prize includes the purchase of a representative work. The prize can not be shared. The prize is 20,000 euros, and the total budget (prize money, purchase, exhibition, publication) is 60,000 euros per award.

Main prize 2014: Lois Weinberger
Purchase: Laubreise 2008/2014, sculpture garden Klocker Foundation

Main prize 2016: Martha Jungwirth
Purchase: selection of 4 works from "Judith and Holofernes", group of works, 2015/16

Main prize 2018: Gottfried Bechtold
Purchase: Straßenmappe, 1971; Filmprojekt Brigitte Bardot, 1973; Metamorphose einer Galerie, 1974