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Emmy Klocker
born 1915 in Radstadt (died in Innsbruck in 2006), trained as an accounts clerk. She married in 1943, developing VOWA with Hans Klocker, establishing splendid gardens around the building in Arzl. She was the centre of a small and harmonious family, and a large circle of friends, especially those of her son Wolfgang. They supported her after the tragic death of her son and the early death of her husband, and awoke in her an interest in art and collecting. Her legacy to the foundation includes a long list of bequests for charitable purposes and emphasises her intent to honour the memory of her husband and son through support for the arts.
  • Emmy Klocker, 2002, 2 (c) Klocker Stiftung, Nachlass
  • Emmy Klocker im Garten
  • Katzen im Garten der Klocker Villa